sunnuntai 7. huhtikuuta 2013

Testing Blogsy

Practicing with my new app Blogsy. Link to Beauty and the Beast.

Something old, something new

There seems to be going on a lot in fantasy genre this year. Some of the themes are old and some new. We can still enjoy company of zombies, knights, vampires, werewolves, fairies, giants and even angels. I will mix some sci fi in this mix as well. So, what is going on, let's see:

In two weeks I have read all five Mortal Instruments books. I know, they are targeted for teen audience, but ever since I saw the trailer and found out how many of my favorite actors are in the movie I got hooked. Aidan Turner; wonderful vampire Mitchell from Being Human UK, Robert Sheehan; lovable badmouth from Misfits, Lena Heady from Game of Thrones and allways mischievous "Tudor" Jonathan Rhys Meyers. And of course in the role of Jace, Jamie Cambell Bower. In my middle age opinion he is a perfect choice for the role. Not too pretty, personal and talented.

This weekend I started to watch Camelot on dvd. I had bought it last year but never watched it. Now I had too see it to check out how Jamie is doing his role. I believe this role has similarities to role of Jace as well as role of Caius in Twiligth-series. I see it kind of mixture of these characters.

Preparing for new season of True Blood I pre-ordered the newest and probably the last Sookie Stackhouse book. It will be published in May 2013. Season 6 will be on air in June.

Now that Being Human UK had its last season and I had to say sad goodbye to my favorite bunch of supernatural characters, I am comforting myself with brand new season of Game of Thrones. And that is a good comfort indeed. And I still have waiting to be watched the last episode of great show The Walking Dead. It is like a keepsake for me. If I watch it, I have to wait a long time for next season. And even I know I could read the comic I don't want to. But I did order three latest Buffy seson 9 comics from Amazon on Friday. I hope they have Spike back on it.

I am considering watching Being Humas US, but since I have started it twice but never get much hooked, I am little skeptic. Main cracaters are just not as interesting as in the original series. Sometimes Americans do succeed to adjust tv-series. In my opinion Shameless is pretty good in US style as well. Mainly because the main actors are great. But that is the diffrent genre, so lets skip it.

My daughters are watching Once Upon A Time season 2 at the moment. I have seen 5 first episode of this season so I have time to write and decide shold I continue watching Canadian tv-series Lost Girl or not. It has been pretty interesting show as well as was Blood Ties based on books by Tanya Huff. That one I have on dvd as well as all the books in paperback. Kyle Schmid is quite nice as Henry Fitzroy, bastard son of Henry VIII and a vampire, although he is dark and Henry in books is blonde. Have a look:

Very interesting young actor is on the big screen with two main roles. Nicholas Hoult is both Jack the giant slayer and zombie called R in Warm Bodies. The role of R remainds me of Edward Scissorhands. Zombies are still hip, but the theme of giants is a bit older one. Old fairy tales are still going on strong. We have seen Brothers Grimm, Snow White and the huntsman, Mirror, Mirror, Hansel and Gretel and Grimm on US tv. Beauty and the Beast was first on tv late 1980's and now we have the new version updated. Fun connection is found in here too: main actress was playing Lana Lang in Smallville. Ron Pearlman was rewarded for his role as Vincent in the first adaption.
Modern Vincent is not as hairy fellow but more like Hulk or Jekyll and Hyde. There has of course been many theatre and movie adaptations of this theme. For teen audience they released Beast couple of years ago without big success.

Back to the Once Upon A Time: it is like a melting pot of all these characters. Well, maybe no zombies and vampires yet, but otherwise a lot of characters we know from somewhere else. Something new, something old. I am still waiting for angel to come and invade the movie screen. I kind of liked Constantine and Michael and those weird angels in A Life Less Ordinary. Well, they are filming Hush, hush, I heard.

perjantai 15. helmikuuta 2013

Should I live in this world or in Buffyverse?

Not a long ago my husband sighed: "Shouldn't you come back to real world for a while?"

His sad remark came from the fact that I had watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer one week in a row - with our daughters. He might have felt little neglected since he does not especially like that genre. On the other hand me and my girls were deep in the story and watched trough all seasons. It took us two weeks and I have to admit I had a kind of hangover after that effort.

I hadn't been Buffy fan before that. For some reason I skipped the series when it was on Finnish television. I vaguely remember seeing few episodes but that was it. I think I was so busy with my family life and work that I simply didn't have time to watch tv.

Then something happened. That something was American tv-series True Blood. I saw it on pay channel in Finland and got hooked immediately. After first season I bought all Charlaine Harrison's Southern Vampire Mysteries books and liked them too. Even if they are more simple and lighter than tv show. Then I got interested in vampire stories in books and tv.

Vampire literature wasn't total stranger to me. I had read Bram Stoker's Dracula and all books by Ann Rice. As a kid I loved horror movies with mummies, werewolfs, vampires and other monsters. I found it very interesting that vampires suddenly came out so strong in popular culture - in movies, books and on tv.

Stephenie Meyer wrote Twilight books for teen audience and I believe we all know what was the result. Vampires were suddenly everywhere and older books like Vampire Diaries were dusted and updated to modern teen audience.

Back to Buffy. Inspired by True Blood I had searched other vampire theme series and realised I have missed a very popular and famous series. So I bought all seasons on dvd. Two first seasons didn't get under my skin. I didn't like Angel much, but I liked all the other characters. The one thing that really got me interested was Spike. And when his realtionship whit Buffy started to build and change, everything got more and more interested.

I wasn't only one in our family to fancy Spike. My daughters shared my opinion of Angel and we didn't miss him at all when he left for his spin off. We wanted to see more Spike and Spike we got.

After finishing watching all seasons I bought an autographed group potret of whole Scooby Gang, then season 8 in comic book volumes and now I have read season 9 as well. I prefer season 9 story, season 8 was little weird, too sci fi to be Buffy. I admit I have also all seasons of Angel but mainly because Spike wakes from death and returns to make my day.

Recently I have been present in reality, but still missing Buffyverse and anxiously waiting new issues of season 9. In summer 2013 I can jump in other reality with new season of True Blood and maybe before that I can enjoy the newest season of excellent Being Human (UK). The US remake is not bad but lacks the athmosphere of original series and definitely Aidan Turner. Aidan's Mitchell was such a wonderful character. My second favorite vampire after Spike. Meanwhile I comfort myself watching Vampire Diaries with my elder daughter.